Classes and Workshops

Lectures/Trunk shows

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Workshops can be half or full day. My preference is for full day, they are more relaxing and you get more done. A Full day allows me to expand on the design concepts; half days are more focused on construction.

How to manage your stash-

Are your closets overflowing with fabric that you just had to have but can’t seem to use? I have lots of tips for diving in and using that fabric! Learn time saving techniques and design strategies that will make your quilting more efficient, fun and original. I bring lots of quilts as examples.

Strip  Bins

Strip Bins



How to be a more successful quilter

Do you feel you are in a quilting slump? Are you frustrated with only making quilts from patterns that look just like everyone else’s? A few simple guidelines will set you on your way to creating original designs without having a fine arts degree in design. Warning! May result in many quilt tops in the future!


Project ideas for guilds

I have been a guild member for more than 20 years. During that time I have participated and organized many guild projects. Many of these quilts have become my favorites. Taking part in a guild project is a great way to stretch your creativity. If your guild is looking for ideas these quilts will inspire you.


Most of my quilts have a scrappy fabric scheme. Because of this I only provide guidelines for fabric color choices and amounts. During class we will discuss how you can determine yardage for your particular quilt. My goal is for YOU to feel more comfortable making YOUR quilt! It’s not that hard!

Scrappy Strip Around the World

Made from 2” strips this great scrappy quilt is surprisingly easy to construct. While making this on-point block you will learn:

  • the importance of value
  • pressing for success
  • organizational techniques that enable you to sew in small bites of time
    Scrappy Trips

    Scrappy Trips

    Strippy Pinwheels

    I love pinwheel quilts! So a scrappy pinwheel really pulls at my heartstrings. One set of fabrics makes two blocks that often look surprisingly different. I’ve streamlined the cutting and have construction and pressing techniques that will ensure perfect centers. Setting variations will also be discussed.

    Strippy Pinwheels

    Strippy Pinwheels and my toes!


    Feathered Star

    This classic block has lots of pieces and not all of them are squares and triangles! Many quilters are intimidated by this block but with careful attention to seam allowance and some pointers on dealing with odd angles take away the fear. This block does take a long time to construct but the results are worth it. It makes a great center for a medallion quilt.

    Feathered Star



    Mariners Compass

    There are many ways to construct this block and I think I’ve tried them all! But my favorite is paper-piecing using freezer paper. Why is this my favorite? You don’t sew through the paper so it peels right off and you can use it again! Also discussed- various ways to set the circle into the background and how to use freezer paper for fussy cutting.

    Mariners Compass