About me

I am a wife of 27 years to a great husband who never asks how much fabric I actually have. I have two grown boys who are both creative in their own unique ways. My older son loves music and has recently begun creating computerized laser shows for rock bands. My younger son has a penchant for unusual pets (we’ve had lizards, a hedgehog, turtles) but his creativity is expressed in his love of food and he will soon begin studying culinary arts.

I have been sewing and making things for as long as I can remember. I’ve done everything from bridal alterations to custom window treatments. I started by making doll clothes for my Barbies, Troll dolls and baby dolls. In middle school I had my first sewing classes when my mother signed my sister and me up for summer school. In those days the public schools offered “fun” classes in the summer for free! We went every day from 8-12 and loved every minute of it! We were very lucky to have a great teacher who taught us all the fundamental skills. We both became prolific seamstresses making most of our clothes well into adulthood including all of the bridesmaids’ dresses for each of our weddings, our two sisters’ and our sister-in-law’s.

After all those weddings, nieces and nephews began to appear and I once again started making doll clothes! My nieces had matching dresses for themselves and their Cabbage Patch Dolls, remember those? Another niece was well stocked with American Girl Doll outfits. I sewed for the nephews too, but mostly Halloween costumes, not doll clothes!

I made my first quilt in my early twenties, a scrappy attic window from Georgia Bonesteel’s Lap Quilting book. Cardboard templates, scissors and Y-seams! It’s a wonder I ever made another one! But I was hooked!

I don’t know how many quilts I’ve made; someday I’ll try to count. I‘ve given many to family and friends and donated others to various charities. There are many more to come!

I am a long time member of County Line Quilters quilt guild where I have organized numerous projects and taught various workshops. My quilts have won several 1st place ribbons in our bi-annual shows. I have also had several of my quilts accepted into the local juried shows “A Quilters’ Gathering” in NH and “Images” Lowell, MA quilt festival.

When I am not quilting I love running and have completed several half-marathons and a full marathon.

I also love a good book, tasty food, a cold beer, good wine and time with family and friends.