When quilts give you lemons…

……or, when you discover your quilt backing has holes in it!! Argh!!That’s right, three small holes in my quilt back that I didn’t spot until I was loading the backing onto my longarm!

close up of hole

close up of hole

Crap! So I walked away in frustration, just left it loaded, “I’ll deal with it later! Time for a different project!”  And I’m glad I walked away instead of removing it and finding another back. A solution came to me! Appliqué! Yeah!!

I returned to the quilt back, marked the holes with my blue marker so I’d be able to find them when the quilting was done. I loaded the batting and top and got to quilting! I tried out a new panto I’ve had for  a while  but haven’t stitched out yet. This goes with my 2015 theme of using the stuff I’ve bought!

Scrappy Disappearing 9 patch

Scrappy Disappearing 9 patch

The panto is Crystalline by Patricia Ritter from Urban Elementz. It has lots of straight lines that can be tricky. It’s hard to keep straight without a ruler, there’s always a little wobble in pantographs. But the design is busy enough so I think it looks OK. I wouldn’t do this on a really high contrast quilt, then EVERY wobble would show for sure!

I got it all quilted, added some fun print squares over the holes and called it finished!

Holes covered!

Holes covered!

Of course I still have to bind it… this one may get machine stitched instead of hand stitched. My binding pile is getting pretty high….

So what do you think? I kind of like how the squares add a little playfulness to the basically plain back.




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3 Responses to When quilts give you lemons…

  1. Susan Keenan says:

    Great suggestion to have a great outcome~

  2. JoAnn Borges says:

    Hi Maureen,
    I took your Tripping Through my Stash class in North Attleboro a few months back. The class was awesome, I love the technique. I think the quilt with the hole in the backing is better than it would have been without the need to add the cute little colorful squares. So often, a great idea comes from a mistake or other issue requiring a “fix”. It would be nice to add the appliqués squares on the back of a quilt just for fun 😉
    JoAnn Borges

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