A road trip and some hand sewing

Horseshoe Falls, Ontario, Canada

Horseshoe Falls, Ontario, Canada

My husband and I recently drove to Niagara Falls for a quick vacation. Seven hours in the car each way gave me a nice chunk of time to work on 2 EPP (English Paper Piecing) projects I have going. Each of these was supposed to be worked on during TV watching, but it seems that by the time I sit down to watch TV lately I’m too tired to start hand work. I also have a pile of bindings that need to be done, but I figured my husband wouldn’t want me loading up the car with quilts! EPP is compact and portable, great for the car and I can still talk while I do it so I don’t feel guilty like I do when I read a book. My husband is happy to do all the driving and if I don’t keep busy I fall asleep, which is worse than reading!

I’ve been working on Mickey Dupre’s pieced hexies for a while. I had 6 that needed their centers stitched. I have 22 of these done, not really sure what I’m going to do with them or how many more I’ll make. They are a lot of fun and use up a lot of short strips I have left from other projects.Pieced hexies

It seems like EPP has sprung up everywhere lately. When I first saw this technique I swore I’d NEVER do it! I hated the classic Grandmother’s Flower garden, yuck! And the tedium of basting  all those paper shapes, never mind having to cut all those paper hexagons first! Not for me! Then I came upon pieced hexies, hmm, these I found intriguing. And you can buy the paper hexies already cut in lots of different sizes inexpensively! So now I’m doing pieced hexies whenever I have a long car ride. They’ve come with me to Burlington VT twice and now Niagara Falls.

I also have Rose Star blocks in progress. I first saw these here. This block is based on hexies too, but they are split into half hexies and kite shapes and this adds a whole new world of possibilities! I have 7 of these completed. This was of course supposed to be a scrappy project but I’ve been fussy cutting a lot of the pieces and I don’t really have a lot of that kind of stuff in my stash so some buying has happened, but mostly fat quarters. These have also made the trips to Burlington and Niagara.Rose Star blocks

And now for my tale of woe……

I make a lot of scrappy quilts so I seldom worry about running out a particular fabric, if I don’t have this red, I’ll just use that red!

But these Rose Star Blocks are very planned and symmetrical, the pieces are small so very little fabric is required for the units, but it MUST be the same fabric.

I spent about 2 hrs stitching these units together and came up one salmony colored kite shape short!

DSC_0760 Had I dropped it in the car? No.  Was it in my tote?  No. Had it gotten mixed in with another group? No. Well, that’s OK I told myself, I’ll just cut another when I get home. Can you guess where this is going? I spent a good chunk of my Sunday morning looking for that fabric! I usually have pretty good  “fabric memory”, I know just where I bought it, how much I have, what I used it in, and when I used it up. But not this time! I could not recall having used it anywhere but in this “shorted” block.

I really didn’t want to have to take the units apart and choose a different fabric. I started looking for something that was “close enough” but even as I was looking I knew that wasn’t going to make me happy, and I had nothing even close anyway!* Sigh* Just let it go I told myself, it’s just one block (but I really liked it!)

Then I started looking through my unquilted scrappy tops and found a 2 ½” square! That’s all I needed!

Can you find the 2 1/2" square?

Can you find the 2 1/2″ square?

There it is!


Call me crazy, but I removed the square, replaced it with another 2 ½” square and was able to complete the block! Yeah!


Out with the old, in with the new!



DSC_0757  DSC_0759

This was all I needed

Ready to baste

Ready to baste

Completed block, well, almost, some pieces still need to be hand stitched, sssh!



And as is always the way, two days after completing the block I found the fabric tucked in with another project! Now I know why I couldn’t recall using it!


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